New updates and improvements to cogsworth

  1. Capacity Insights

    Here are the API endpoints for this too:



    These will be documented in the API docs section shortly.

    You will be able to filter by 30 day intervals.

  2. Usage based SMS is live

    New Feature

    It can be enabled through your dashboard.

    Now you no longer have to worry about running out of SMS credits.

    When you use your included credits, we will auto top you up with 100 SMS for $10

    Screen Shot 2022-09-21 at 9.42.14 am
  3. Timezones for staff

    New Feature

    Now staff can set their own timezones, working hours and receive appointments in those times too.

  4. Cogsworth relaunch

    New Feature

    Cogsworth is proud to announce the release of our new brand, coinciding with our telemedicine offering!

    We now support HIPAA compliant secure video calling on the Clinic Plan.

    To access it, simply upgrade to 'Clinic' and you will see the Cogsworth HIPAA Video call option within the virtual location.

    Screen Shot 2022-07-28 at 2.28.34 pm
  5. Cogsworth redesign and infrastructure updates.

    New Feature

    We have been very busy behind the scenes launching the new version of Cogsworth, using the latest upgrades and enhancements to our infrastructure and code base.

    This will allow us to move faster as we expand in the long term.

    Watch out for new interfaces and features coming soon!

  6. Group bookings can now have multiple durations

    This is powerful because if you have group bookings that allow different durations, you can take into consideration occupancy across multiple booked sessions.

    e.g. You operate a class and you offer a 30 minute and 60 minute duration (both of which have maximum occupancy of 100 people).

    If you have 50 people book the 60 minute class from 11am till 12pm, then only 50 slots will be available in the 11:30am time slot for the 30 minute session.